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May 15, 2008

Three Digit Pre-Summer Heat

It is not officially summer yet, but you can already feel the summer heat and see the browning of the grass all over the state. This is the first time this year that I have noticed that the heat temperature reached three digits already in upper Pioneer of Amador County.

Some questions may still lingers in some peoples mind, asking if summer is here to stay now and winter and snow is finally over? But who can really tell, like the old folks always say that last snow is coming when the Dogwood blooms. And I noticed that our Dogwood is currently blooming, which probably means that there is still another winter storm on the way.

Here in Amador County CA, we had very short winter this year, and we didnt have a lot of snowfall and rainfall, that is why another rainy day or one last snowfall might come really handy and necessary to give some more water in the ground.

April 13, 2008

Cooler Weather In The Mountains

Travelling from Sacramento Valley to Amador County, we can definitely feel the change of weather temperature. It was around 89 degrees in Sacramento valley, but as soon we go further away from the valley and the elevation started climbing from the Amador County foothills going to the higher sierra, we can definitely feel the major change in the temperature because the temperature starting going down and cooling off. And with all the shades and tall trees in the upper Amador Area area where the pine trees are, the temperature is definitely more in the comfortable stage today, at 77 to 79 degrees, great and comfortable to be outside in parts of Amador County specially in higher elevations area.

March 2, 2008

Sunny Day And Burning Day Yesterday

It was a little bit chilly yesterday. The wind was blowing some cold air, and the wind was a little gusty, but definitely nothing quite alarming, just beautiful and sunny weather! Although the air was a little bit chilly outside, the sun was out and beautiful, which is nice for the first day of March.

On our way towards downtown yesterday morning, we saw a lot of residents in Amador County burning leaves outside, so we thought that it must had been a burn day for leaves. We didnt do any raking the leaves in the yard yet, and not doing some leave burning of our own, so we didnt have tp call to find out if it was a burn day.

It is definitely best to take advantage of all the premitted burn days given by the county/agency because it is already the start of March, and it wont be very long and before we know it, summer will come pretty quickly. The closer and closer we get to summer, I noticed that there are less and less possibility of having burn days, so if you wait very long before you rake the leaves and safely burn them, you might have to go haul everything to the dump to get rid of them. So if you plan to burn leaves in a particular day, make sure that you call to verify that it is really a permitted burn day!

February 3, 2008

Still Covered With Snow

Some parts of Amador County are still covered with snow specially many places in Pioneer. But snow-covered areas can be found as slow as lower-Pioneer and Pine Grove area, which you normally dont see every winter season. In most cases, snows that fall in lower elevations like lower parts of Pioneer, and Pine Grove will not last very long, they usually just melted as soon as the snow landed in the ground, but these past few days have been a different scenery, you can see snow all over the unplowed roadside in Hwy 88, and many establishments in Pioneer and Pine Grove still have snow in the roof and in the ground, some plowed and filed up in the sides of parking areas and driveways.

So if you are looking for some fun in the snow, you dont have to travel very far these days. You can expect snow scenes not only in the mountain areas but as well as parts of the foothills in California. So if you are planning to travel towards the Sierra-Nevada mountains, it would be best if you have car chains handy with you to make sure that you have something to use, when the snow storm continues to pour more snow!

January 29, 2008

Low Snow For The Second Time

Snow in the lower elevation of Amador County is definitely a rarity. But this January 2008, today (January 29 2008) is the second time that residents in places as low as Jackson area, got to see the snow falling down in their yards and rooftops. As per the weather forecast yesterday, the snow is expected here in Amador County area up to around 2000 feet elevation.

But looking at the bright side, many parts of California, including Amador County could definitely use these snow and rain that we been getting lately inorder to add more to the water reserve and water supply in dams and tanks, specially for the summer time. Snow and rain also add moist and water to the over-dried ground due to the effects of so much heat that California is getting a lot off. And they help the plants to grow healtier and make the place a little more prettier green. And we dont need to run the sprinkler in full mode, and that saves money for a lot of residents.

January 26, 2008

More Snow Storm In Amador County

Just few weeks ago, some parts of Amador County got hit by both snow and rain storm specially in higher elevation like upper Pioneer. Some of the snow from that storm did not melt completely, and few inches of snow had been added just these last couple of days. Although, lower elevation area such as Pine Grove, Sutter Creek, and Jackson also got some dustings of snow, it warmed up a little bit, just enough for the snow to melt and it didnt last for hours. But in upper parts of Pioneer, there are still a lot of snow left and filed up in the grounds and roof tops in many house located in higher elevations (3500 feet and more). And according to the weather forcast, another batch of snow storm is heading towards Amador County and other parts of California this Sunday (January 26 2008).

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