January 29, 2008

Low Snow For The Second Time

Snow in the lower elevation of Amador County is definitely a rarity. But this January 2008, today (January 29 2008) is the second time that residents in places as low as Jackson area, got to see the snow falling down in their yards and rooftops. As per the weather forecast yesterday, the snow is expected here in Amador County area up to around 2000 feet elevation.

But looking at the bright side, many parts of California, including Amador County could definitely use these snow and rain that we been getting lately inorder to add more to the water reserve and water supply in dams and tanks, specially for the summer time. Snow and rain also add moist and water to the over-dried ground due to the effects of so much heat that California is getting a lot off. And they help the plants to grow healtier and make the place a little more prettier green. And we dont need to run the sprinkler in full mode, and that saves money for a lot of residents.

January 26, 2008

The Sierra Nevada Mountains

The other day, I came across an article that talked about the huge mountain range that stretch from Northern California all the way to Nevada which is popuparly called as the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. Since my husband have been living here in Amador County which is part of the Sierra-Nevada Mountain, I asked him if he knew what Sierra-Nevada Mountain means, he was not so sure, so I thought that there are probably more people living here in the slopes of the Sierra-Nevada mountains but not quite sure what the words Sierra-Nevada Mountain means. According to my reading, Sierra-Nevada Mountains means Snow-Covered Mountains, which for many years been true to its named since the mountain range regularly get plenty of snowfall year after year.

More Snow Storm In Amador County

Just few weeks ago, some parts of Amador County got hit by both snow and rain storm specially in higher elevation like upper Pioneer. Some of the snow from that storm did not melt completely, and few inches of snow had been added just these last couple of days. Although, lower elevation area such as Pine Grove, Sutter Creek, and Jackson also got some dustings of snow, it warmed up a little bit, just enough for the snow to melt and it didnt last for hours. But in upper parts of Pioneer, there are still a lot of snow left and filed up in the grounds and roof tops in many house located in higher elevations (3500 feet and more). And according to the weather forcast, another batch of snow storm is heading towards Amador County and other parts of California this Sunday (January 26 2008).

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