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January 26, 2008

About The Author

Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Jaze, i moved here in Amador County California USA early this twentieth century to be with my husband, who been a resident of Amador County for many years.

I am currently maintaining this blog in my spare time, so its an unofficial blog. Thru this blog, I will be sharing some thoughts, experiences, and reviews related to anything and everything Amador County, and concerning Amador County.

This blog was created in an effort to share and make awareness for all those who are interested how it feels like and how it is like to live and spend someones life here in Amador County California.

Thanks for your visit and for the read. Hope you found something interesting here. You are welcome to come back here anytime, this is a blog and will be updated several times per week. Feel free to subscribe to this blog RSS Feed (look the orange button in this page) so that you will get current and existing postings of this blog/site.

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