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August 1, 2010

Scenic Highway 88 In Amador County

One of the most common route to visit South Lake Tahoe in northern California when you are travelling from the Bay area, Delta, or Sacramento area is to take the route using Hwy 50. As an alternative, the less traffic Highway 88 is a great scenic route towards Lake Tahoe with the side of the road abundant in cedar trees and pine trees. Hwy 88 is mostly two lane road, one lane in each direction. There are some vista views you can stop over along the highway to see some lakes and rivers.  There are also truckers that utilized this road like trucking company that transport logs and hay, so you are gonna be sharing this road with them if you use Hwy 88 going to Lake Tahoe.


Anonymous said...

Highway 88 is truly a beautiful drive, well maintained with very few "hair raising" obsticles (except winter and deer). but as a local, I would like talk about a few of the issues that can help on your trip.

First. "Be prepared" I have seen snow in july, always carry tire chains, a small shovel, a blanket, some water and snacks.

Second. As beautiful as it is there is nothing worse than getting tailgated from one end to the other please use the "TURNOUTS" let the speed racers by, if not, they will pass you on a blind curve with the potential for disaster.

Third. Respect the trucks, give them some room, they will let you by (most of them) when it is safe.

Hope this helps I have been driving hwy. 88 both commercially and privately for twenty five years. hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Andrew Plitt said...

I definitely enjoy driving up Hwy 88. The only problem is, some of the views are so beautiful it makes it hard to pay attention to the road. :)

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